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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Book Review

The Seven Secrets of Happiness

By Sharon Owens

“Once upon a time Ruby O’Neill lived in her very own ivory tower (a beautiful little cottage) with her very own fairytale prince (her handsome husband Jonathan). She had roses round her door and her friends were never far away – life in her fairytale land was perfect. But grown-up fairy stories don’t last forever and one dark night Ruby’s life is smashed into a million pieces. With her castle in the air destroyed and her heart broken, she swears she will never love again. Yet guardian angels hide in the strangest places and from Ruby’s darkest night, six magical secrets slowly emerge to show her life is for living and that tomorrow is not too late for love. But who is the mysterious stranger who holds the seventh secret, the hardest one to find? And is he the person who holds the ultimate secret, the key to Ruby’s frozen heart?


To read the back of the book you can tell that this will no doubt be a bit of a tear-jerker, but what you can’t see is that the book hides lots of tender moments of happiness too! I enjoyed the book so much that towards the end I was rationing out the chapters and trying to only read one per night. The book is filled with tragic events that happen in everyday life, but the way that the characters deal with the consequences of them is what is most interesting. You admire the way the main character, Ruby O’Neill, pushes herself to move on with her life and the image of the little shop in which she works makes you want one of your own.

I would definitely recommend this read if you like a heart-warming read before bed and a bit of romance in your life.

Uplifting * adorable * realistic yet romantic * tear-jerker

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