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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Review of Avatar

I saw the over-hyped, overly expensive Avatar a few weeks ago. Before going into the theatre, I was a little apprehensive, thinking that the film would just be mediocre and a big deal about nothing. Plus the fact that it's in 3D, so you have to wear huge plastic glasses for two and a half hours and pay an extra few pounds for the pleasure! But to my surprise, as soon as the film began, I was dragged into this beautiful world of Pandora and by the end of the film I didn't want to leave. Although the fact of how much this film cost to create is always lurking in the back of your mind, you do appreciate why it was so expensive. The scenes are incredible to watch, the characters are compelling and you really do begin to care about the Na'vi (the blue people). I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone. It fantastic for children and I'm sure the older generation will love it too. A five star film if ever I saw one!

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